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Opening in the Time of COVID

MVB Coffee Lounge by Marcell Von Berlin on Melrose Ave. in West Hollywood, CA In February of 2020, I took a trip to LA to visit a prospective cafe. I was excited for the opportunity to plan out a beautiful cafe with an edgy menu on trendy Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood in the iconic storefront of designer Marcell Von Berlin. I had lived in LA previously for over five years, so the client base and the location were already familiar to me. I had already sketched out a food an

Master Moments: Nick Stone

I recently connected with the intrepid leader of Bluestone Lane, Nick Stone, to see how one of our most energetic and forward-thinking CEOs would manage the current retail climate. Of course, if you’ve never been into a Bluestone Lane, you may not understand the level of quality experience you are in for, considering they are operating over 30 cafes coast to coast. Each space is unique to the space and neighborhood it lives in, yet with a particular touchpoint that lets you k

Master Moments: George Howell

George Howell, of course, is the brilliant entrepreneur that first created the Coffee Connection in 1970’s Boston and was one of the original proponents of Specialty Coffee. His chain of 24 stores was the dominant retailer in Boston, which lead to its eventual purchase by Starbucks in 1994. Along with the sale of the cafes – the Frappuccino – which George invented, became part of Starbucks’ nation-wide menu. The Cup of Excellence, whose primary purpose is to highlight the cra

Getting Online and In Line to Sell Coffee: part 1

Written by: Alfonso of Blue Mayan Coffee The changes in technology, and particularly the impact of COVID-19, have pushed commerce to the ever-expanding realm of the internet, and coffee ventures are not exempt from those trends. Notwithstanding the attractiveness of targeting particular shopper personas through sniper-like tools provided by the Amazons, Googles, and Facebooks of the world, all too eagerly, most entrepreneurs want to jump into selling coffee online without ade

How to Build a Great Home Bar: Step by Step – part 1

What will your bar look like? We’ll help you build the menu, you bring the style. Steps: Cut the bullshit by building a night bar, not a day bar, that makes nightcaps. [If you insist on keeping a day bar I recommend you offer high quality session-able wine and beer and maybe a bottle or tequila or mezcal wouldn’t hurt either along with plenty of water so you can actually graduate to your night bar.] Reverse-engineer your bar to make three stone cold classic, stirred cocktails

5 Tips on your Home-Work

As CEO of F+B Therapy and a consultant in food and beverage I have been self employed for a decade. Previous to F+B I was also self employed for another five years working in the film industry as a writer and director. Self Discipline has always been a point of strength for me when it comes to work. Lou Gehrig was my favorite baseball player of all time and Hemingway one of my favorite writers. Hemingway famously would start his day by sharpening 20 pencils before he would st

Virtual Café: Adaptation Series

Any time there is an extreme event in history there are always two camps of people: those that see difficulty and struggle in every opportunity and those that see opportunity in every difficulty. The world has changed whether we are happy with it or not. Entropy has occurred and our system will never go in reverse but rather evolve in a forward direction. What is the future of the food and beverage industry? How will it evolve? I have read some pretty bleak prophecies from th

OVID-reaction: Adaptation Series

Over reaction is never the correct reaction. As we are all aware, the global population was affected by a huge change this year and it has impacted our lives, our habits, our relationships and our pleasures. Many businesses have gone under and almost all have had to adapt or pivot their offerings and systems for working. These are positive changes as they are necessary to survival. That being said, some business may be overcompensating to the detriment of their long-term busi

Retro-Reno Concept: Adaptation Series

Adaptation Series 1 Throwback to Mid-Town Lunch – vending cafes for densely populated cities. The current pandemic is going to populate some pages over some months as this is obviously what is consuming all of our attention. In the food and beverage industry we are all poking and testing what will be the way forward and how this whole thing is going to break and when. Unfortunately we have no idea and any amount of speculation is likely going to be incorrect. This is why the

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