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Cup Masters Podcast - Congo Cupping

Our First edition of CUP MASTERS - a live online cupping event featuring some of the best cuppers in the country cupping interesting coffees and talking about them.

In this episode we have Cup Masters Ted Strachura, Director of Coffee at Equator Coffees with Elika Liftee, Director of Coffee Education at Onyx Coffee Labs cupping coffees from the Democratic Republic of Congo from Mighty Peace Coffee and hosted by Jake Leonti.

We talk about cupping, palate development, coffee careers and East African flavor profiles.

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Talking Excellence with Onyx Coffee Lab

Food and Beverage Therapy Podcast includes Interviews and talks about leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation in the world of coffee. Learn from experts, CEOs and leaders in the coffee industry on how they challenge themselves, continue to grow, innovate and reinvent the landscape that makes up the business I love, coffee. Jake Leonti , The Cafe Guru, is a coffee consultant / coffee business expert and entrepreneur that has worked at every step of the value chain over a twenty+ year career. Jake shares insights, tips and mantras to help you along your coffee journey. A potpourri of food and beverage salves. Listen to learn about coffee, the people who make it and the business that drives us.

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