Developing Food And Beverage Concepts to Suit the Next Great Spaces

F+B Therapy develops food and beverage concepts from ideation to implementation. We create value for properties providing amenities for residence, staff and attracting visitors. Whether it is a fast and casual juice bar in the lobby of an apartment complex or a full blown cafe in a co-working space, we can get you there.

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F+B Therapy is food + beverage consulting at its best. We formed F+B Therapy from our desire to share the wealth of knowledge and experience we have accumulated in the food + beverage industry.

We challenge ourselves to make an impact through implementing positive work environments, forward thinking solutions and sustainable business models. We will continue to teach, learn and grow with our customers.

Working with agricultural products means we rely on the health of the planet to continue enjoying our foods, beverages and businesses. We believe forming a sustainable business means we must take the earth into account at each stage of our process.

Therapy can mean asking for consulting improving your services, products or operations. Therapy can mean gaining peace of mind knowing you're doing the right thing for your business. Therapy can mean, letting us take care of you. 



Accelerate the growth of your business using our tools and expertise.

At F+B Therapy, we believe you should always invest in your most valuable asset, yourself.

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When you become static you can no longer compete. Evolution and innovation are essential to survival. We are constantly researching and expanding our knowledge base. 
Come tap into our collective consciousness and grow.



Building your brand together

elevate the perception of your company in the eyes of your customers and prospective customers. 
Let's tell your story through images, words, culture and actions.





F+B Therapy brings a unique understanding to the kitchen, cafe, hotel and farm environment which makes us ideal content creators for your brand videos and commercials.