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grow your line of products

From concept to formulation to packaging, manufacturing, transport, storage, marketing and launching; we can bring your products to market. 
Whether it is an RTD beverage, a CPG coffee or a bottled syrup, we can help.


grow your teams skills

We have trained thousands of baristas at all levels from beginner to competition level. 
We develop custom programs to fit your companies needs and goals and provide analytics and trackable feedback. 
From barista skills, to palate training, roasting and QC, we have you covered.

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grow your consistency

Product and production QC as well as on site QC for wholesale customers or retail cafes and restaurants. 
We use our proprietary system of QC combining Sensory skills, quantitative measurements and provide analytics to focus your pain points for improvement.

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just ask...

from ideation to development to implementation to launch; F+B Therapy has traveled this road many times before and we're never afraid to blaze a new path. 

"When the generational syrup experts at Toschi asked me to come up with a new flavor that would excite coffee pros I knew a genuine single origin Cascara was going to be the solution. Beautiful Direct Trade ingredients produced in their traditional style would make for a winning combination. You can actual taste the terrior of this syrup... that's rare."                                             - Jake Leonti CEO F+B Therapy



taking your business to the next stage of growth can be difficult. 
We're here to help ease the growing pains and scale faster.



Creating your dream coffee shop

F+B Therapy can take you from an idea and an empty space to a complete design, architectural plans, food and beverage menu, pricing, hiring and training staff, implementing systems, sourcing vendors, branding and graphic design to opening day.
We can perform the entire project or contribute on an a la carte capacity.


Connecting you to your ingredients

Over the past decade we have sourced hundreds of coffees, teas, cacaos, milks, bottles, labels, roasting machines, baristas, managers, wines, spirits equipment and anything else you can think of. 
Procurement and logistics are already built into what we do. We have relationships, discounts and a well worn reputation for integrity and risk mitigation.

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Developing your signature flavor

Proud members of the SCA Roasters Guild; we have roasted on almost every machine available and in a variety of countries. 
Blending, roasting, cupping and providing quality control are essential elements to any coffee business. We provide all these services and save you the heavy investment, liability and the headache of managing a roasting facility. 
We love to collaborate and look forward to to finding your flavor.

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