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A Grand Portfolio

I enjoyed a tasting which included their Tocai Fiulano Reserve with rich, tart fruit and a smooth finish. The Chardonay Reserve had a great full mouth feel and held the oak on the nose. Finally we finished with the Cabernet Franc which stood in stark contrast with its deep tannins, rich plum sweetness and lingering taste.

Of course all the wines taste even better when you’re standing in their loft gazing out their iconic window overlooking the vineyard and miles of trees and rolling hills.

All of Millbrooks portfolio is very strong, extremely drinkable and easy to fit onto a lunch or dinner menu. These are wines that would be obvious on menus with a local focus but are a great fit for Italian, seafood, new American or farm to table.

Click here to schedule a tasting & tour at Millbrook Winery. Reach out to Winebow to get them into your restaurant.

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