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Elevate Your Palate

This year at SCA there will be a million opportunities to learn more, up-skill your team and broaden your coffee horizons. On Saturday morning, April 13, in room S404BC at McCormick Place Convention Center there will be a cupping of Brazilian coffee like you've never participated in before. NuSelect Coffee is a vertically integrated importer from Brazil operating on both coasts offering farm direct coffee with a variety of innovations.

On the table you will find a experimental coffees processed with inoculated yeast to produce higher anti-oxidant and chlorogenic acid levels than standard green coffee. You will also find top 3 green competition winning coffees, naturals, washed and anaerobically fermented coffees. In one hour you will expand your understanding of what Brazilian coffees are and how different fermentations affect flavor.

Hosting the event will be Guto Rizental, a veteran in the coffee world, whose passion and expertise have been pillars at NuSelect since 2018. Starting his jouney in coffee in 1994, his experience spans from farm operations to executive roles in the Cerrado Mineiro region.

Mr. Rizental now connects over 4,000 Brazilian producers to the American market through the NuSelect platform, while ensuring the excellence and innovation that defines their products.

Guto is a dedicated leader inspiring his team with the company mission to promote the quality and traceability that roasters and importers expect in every cup.

Co-hosint along with Guto will be Jake Leonti, host of Food + Beverage Therapy podcast and current Director of Coffee at Gregorys Coffee in New York. Jake is on a constant pursuit to elevate producers and increase value down the supply chain. "Guto and I have known each other for over ten years now and he has never waivered in his desire to promote Brazilan coffee while supporting the farms he works with," remarks Mr. Leonti.

One of the highlight coffees you will be able to experience first hand is a new process called Versations. This proprietary fermentation process is able to transform underripe cherries to fully ripe flavors. On average, coffees going through Versations program jump six points on their cupping scores. These coffees have not been launched in the US market yet so it is an exclusive opporutnity to be the first to try this cutting edge technology.

Please, sign up here to elevate your palate and expand your understanding of Brazilian coffee.

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