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Made with Honor, Sold on Hipster

Every so many years a new cool beer is chosen to be the mascot of the poor yet proud educated youth. The newly chosen emblem of awesome is Narragansett beer, ‘Made on honor, sold on merit. ‘ Who wouldn’t love that?

Sweet irony!

My generation before has chosen Pabts Blue Ribbon and it was glorious, a terrible, pale and somewhat flavorless beer. I’m not sure there was alcohol in it as it always dehydrated me, after 20 beers, before I was able to get drunk. But, it was cheap and it was fun. In embodied that crucial hip element of being ironic.

After a long day of frivolous intellectual pursuits, we sure did love to stroll down to the local watering whole for our PPPBR (personal pitcher of Pabts Blue Ribbon) as it was only 3.00$ for nearly a gallon of beer flavored water.

Well my friends, I am happy to pass the torch and knight Narragansett the new ironically hip lager of the next generation.

Be Bold. Be Proud. Be Hip.

For those of you with a cafe serving beer or a bar I recommend selling it in cans only and run a promotion of a mesh-hat giveaway when you launch the brew.  I’ll be the old timer in the corner quietly, sipping high gravity craft ale, fondly remembering my tasteless youth. Cheers!

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