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Podcast: Jonathan Rubinstein - Joe Coffee

Jonathan Rubinstein is the Founder and CEO of Joe Coffee in New York City. Joe was the avant garde of Specialty coffee in New York opening in 2003 and continuously growing from a single cafe to 22 locations, a roastery and wholesale operation.

I've been a fan of Joe since I first visited their cafes in 2007 and have known Jonathan since around 2010. Watching their rise as they continue to maintain quality has been impressive.

In this episode we talk about the early days of coffee in NYC, growing a company, the launch of "Coldstretto" and the partnership with Danny Meyer and Union Square Hospitality Group. Enjoy!

If you Liked that Episode.... You're Going to Love this Episode!

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Food and Beverage Therapy Podcast includes Interviews and talks about leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation in the world of coffee. Learn from experts, CEOs and leaders in the coffee industry on how they challenge themselves, continue to grow, innovate and reinvent the landscape that makes up the business I love, coffee. Jake Leonti , The Cafe Guru, is a coffee consultant / coffee business expert and entrepreneur that has worked at every step of the value chain over a twenty+ year career. Jake shares insights, tips and mantras to help you along your coffee journey. A potpourri of food and beverage salves. Listen to learn about coffee, the people who make it and the business that drives us.

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