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More Coffee Trends from NCA

Today I would like to share some more insights from the NCA coffee consumer report on how people are consuming Specialty Coffee. The hard part is over, we have the majority of coffee drinkers converted to Specialty, where do we go from here? What becomes the next important objective? Perhaps the stats will help provide some insights into future direction.

First big takeaway here is home brewing on a coffee maker is still top dog. Single cup brewers like K-cup and Nespresso are still not fully dominating. Out of the top five popular categories, three of them would involve the use of whole bean or pre-ground retail bags of coffee. To me, this is great news. More people are choosing to control the brewing process themselves on some level rather than have it already prepared.

Home brewing continues to dominate in terms of Specialty consumption though it hasn't grown in the last three years. The out-of-home occasion is smaller however it is growing which should encourage coffee shop owners as this category has tremendous potential across the country.

This last slide I find interesting as it illustrates some factors that affect purchasing decisions of consumers in regards to coffee. Three big areas of growth are the consumer attention to the coffee growers well being, Organic and RFA certifications. People are less concerned with the coffee being Arabica or its origin.

What do you see when you read these slides? How can this help your business?


Written by Jake Leonti, F+B Therapy

Mr. Leonti has worked in coffee for over twenty years with disciplines at every link of the value chain from barista to roasting, green grading and importing. Jake is the current Editor-in-Chief of Coffee Talk Magazine, columnist at Santé Magazine, member of the Roasters Guild and host of the Food and Beverage Therapy podcast

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