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Onyx Coffee Lab Talks Coffee Excellence: Podcast

Onyx Coffee Lab is interesting for so many reasons, they are an anomaly. Onyx has forged a path in a place that was not obvious or easy. Arkansas was not a hotbed for Specialty coffee ten yeas ago when they established the company however, they have created a company culture of excellence and four flagship cafes that have become a destination coffee pilgrimage to receive live service from one of the, now, most famous coffee roasters in America.

In 2020 alone, co-founder Andrea Allen won the US Barista Championship, Onxy member Elika Liftee won the US Berwers Cup and Onxy member Lance Hendrix took 2nd place in the US brewers cup.

In 2022 of course Morgan Eckroth won the US Barista Championship working with Onyx and using their coffee.

In this podcast Jon and Andrea took the time to chat with me about what is in the water in Arkansas and how they brought this all together.

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