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Podcast: Martin Mayorga Talks about Listening

Martin Mayorga is the Founder and CEO of Mayorga Coffee which he started in 1997. Since then the business has grown exponentially and has fanned out to include Organic chia and black beans always with the mission to eliminate systemic poverty in Latin America.

We discuss learning from failure, leadership and purpose in this long yet focused conversation.

Andi and I also talk about the importance of listening and the opposing views on Organic coffee production verses food production.

Now You Can Watch The Video Too!

If you that episode, you are going to love this one....


includes Interviews and talks about leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation in the world of coffee. Learn from experts, CEOs and leaders in the coffee industry on how they challenge themselves, continue to grow, innovate and reinvent the landscape that makes up the business I love, coffee. Jake Leonti, The Cafe Guru, is a coffee consultant / coffee business expert and entrepreneur that has worked at every step of the value chain over a twenty+ year career. Jake shares insights, tips and mantras to help you along your coffee journey. A potpourri of food and beverage salves. Listen to learn about coffee, the people who make it and the business that drives us.

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