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2023 Podcast Highlights

2023 marked the completion of the first season of the Food + Beverage Therapy podcast. What an amazing journey it has been already! I was fortunate enough to have some incredible guests I wasn’t quite sure were going to happen like, big-wave surf legend Laird Hamilton and

3rd Wave surfer Kyle Glanville. I also spoke with good friends and coffee heavyweights like George Howell, David Griswold and Peter Giuliano

I am thankful to all my listeners and for the e-mails and texts of encouragement throughout the year. Your positive feedback is what inspires me to continue sharing these conversations.

Food + Beverage Therapy top three most popular podcasts in 2023:

Franchising From the Ground Up with CEO Brandon Knudsen,

State of the Industry with Andi Trindle Mersch

and Jonathan Rubinstein: The Art of Joe.

The episode I taped with Andi was so much fun and got such a great response that I begged her to take some time away from her busy work and home life to co-host with me and she graciously accepted. Since then she has contributed to every episode and added another layer of fun, credibility and insight into the show. Thanks Andi!


In 2024 we will continue on with more episodes though it may be with less frequency. We kicked off Season 2 with Sahra Nguyen of Nguyen Coffee Supply. That has generated a lot

of excitement and I am so pleased with our latest episode as it is so important to our industry, Bill Murray, President of the NCA. We will have more great guests throughout the year so I hope you continue to listen, share and give your encouragement and feedback as we hear valuable stories and insights from our industry leaders. 

Thank you for a great year!! 


includes Interviews and talks about leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation in the world of coffee. Learn from experts, CEOs and leaders in the coffee industry on how they challenge themselves, continue to grow, innovate and reinvent the landscape that makes up the business I love, coffee. Jake Leonti The Cafe Guru, is a coffee business expert, green grader, roaster, barista and entrepreneur that has worked at every step of the value chain over a twenty+ year career. Jake shares insights, tips and mantras to help you along your coffee journey. A potpourri of food and beverage salves. Listen to learn about coffee, the people who make it and the business that drives us.

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