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2023 Year in Review

2023 was memorable at F+B Therapy. I finished my first season of podcasts (see list below of most popular episodes in Season 1) and completed my first year as the coffee columnist at Santé Magazine; I'm looking forward to continuing to contribute to the publication throughout 2024. 

I also completed my 3rd and final year as editor-in-chief at CoffeeTalk magazine. It was a wonderful and special experience working with Kerri Goodman and the rest of the team at CoffeeTalk. In those three years we changed the format of the magazine, relaunched the website with a completely new look and created more native content than ever before. Telling stories and engaging with the coffee community throughout the pandemic was a lifeline I will always reflect on fondly. 

I had the privilege to teach classes and speak on panels throughout the year. Sharing knowledge and lowering the barrier to entry to the coffee world is something I love doing. 

My tour started in March at Coffee Fest NYC where I am always surrounded with so many familiar faces. In April I gave a speech, at SCA in Portland, OR, to a packed room of producers from around the world interested in innovating and evolving their businesses. 

September in New Orleans I gave classes on cupping (both SCA and production QC) and sensory development at the first ever NOLA Coffee Festival. The festival was aimed at supporting Specialty coffee culture in and around NOLA and I believe it was a big success and sparked a lot of conversations and ideas throughout the South. 

In October I returned to New York to produce my beloved Sensory Experience for the 7th time at the New York Coffee Festival. The show was widely attended and over 1500 people braved my funhouse for the senses in just two days. Our sponsor, Nonni Biscotti had great success with their own taste experience room. 

Rounding out my show circuit was Coffee Fest, but in Orlando this time. There, I lead a workshop on creating a training program and building company culture through education. A lively crowd of local roasters and retailers passionate about growing the coffee scene in Florida were there in numbers. 

Feeling fully back in the swing of post-pandemic life, I worked with clients on four continents on projects ranging from product development, menu creation and quality control to content creation, sales strategy and marketing. 

This year also brought the opportunity to work with multiple green importers and exporters to improve green quality and developed products. Additionally I developed market entry strategies for the US. This resulted in more origin based companies coming to the table with the ability to be vertically integrated and create more value for coffee farmers.

You don’t always get to be selective with your clients however, in 2023, I was pleased to work with companies that value human rights, equal opportunity, environmental stewardship and ethical business practices. 

My personal mission and purpose has always focused on leaving the world a little better than I found it wherever I can make an impact. Supporting clients with similar ideals is one of the ways I get to do this. 

Thank you to all my clients, friends and colleagues for a memorable and meaningful year. 

coffee crawl in Portland, OR with friends from Brazil and NYC. Tasting at Coava Coffee, next stop Proud Mary!

Coffee crawl in Portland, OR visiting Coava Coffee with friends from Brazil and NYC


TOP 3 Most Popular Podcast Episodes of 2023

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